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Building Leaders - Oldcastle's accelerated growth and decentralized working environment demand high performing business managers, who are given responsibility and authority at early stages in their career.  Oldcastle understands the need to build a leadership pipeline and continues to invest in growing internal talent.

Those who take responsibility for their own development are supported by the personal attention of a
small company.  At the same time, they find the resources that are only available in large organizations.
To supplement the on-the-job development obtained within the individual companies and the training
provided by the Product Groups, Oldcastle sponsors enterprise-wide Leadership Development Programs.

Participants are nominated annually by the leaders of the Oldcastle Product Groups.

Management Development Program (MDP)

MDP is an action learning program where each participant will be challenged and equipped to think strategically about their own business. This is a weeklong program designed for new managers or individuals with less than 5 years managerial experience from across the Oldcastle federation of companies. The participants will come away with a greater understanding of the manager's job, broaden their perspective of the total business, and help them acquire a range of management and leadership skills to drive business performance.

Strategic Management Program (SMP)

SMP is designed to motivate participants by providing an enjoyable, energizing, high quality personal
development experience. The participants will develop the core management skills in key areas of business strategy and organizational development. This weeklong program is based in Ireland with experienced managers from across the globe and provides managers an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other, to meet key members of the senior management team and to develop a better knowledge and understanding of the CRH family worldwide.

Business Leadership Program (BLP)

BLP is differentiated from other leadership programs, with a primary focus on Personal Development Plans created by each participant. This intense 12 month program is designed to accelerate the growth and readiness of senior managers for future opportunities. The program is comprised of four modules to include assessments, executive coaching, and mentoring:

  • Module 1 - Myself as a Leader
  • Module 2 - Leader as Coach
  • Module 3 - Leading High Performance Teams
  • Module 4 - Customized for the Participants

Learning languages
with Oldcastle

Our online Language Learning Center powered by Rosetta Stone® provides our employees access to learn foreign languages in a unique, natural and easy way to improve their communication skills at work. To learn more and join Oldcastle Language Learning Center click below.Rosetta Stone logo


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