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After the Interview - Three Steps To Success

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Once you’ve had an interview, it’s common to breathe a sigh of relief. “Glad that’s done,” you may be saying to yourself. While a well-deserved high-five is in order, your work is not done. Post interview actions can make the difference between getting called in for interview number two or the employer taking a pass and moving on to another candidate. So, instead of kicking back – take action!

 Do a post interview ‘audit’

  1. While the interview is still fresh in your mind, go over what went well and what could have gone better. Was there a question you wish you had answered differently?  Was there a question you wanted to ask but didn’t? Type or jot down some notes. This isn’t a time to beat yourself up – try to be as objective as you can. At the same time, don’t go overboard and think there isn’t any room for improvement. 
  1. Create your thank you note or email
    Now that you have your notes, go over them to see how you can clarify any missteps that occurred during the interview. For instance, say the job is for an office manager in a large, hectic office and they questioned how you would do since you worked previously for a smaller office. If for some reason you fumbled over the answer, your thank you note can clarify and provide a better response. A possible response could be: 

“While I worked with a smaller team at XYZ Corp, I was the lead for numerous branch meetings that involved coordinating large groups from multiple locations. Part of the reason your position appeals to me is because it also gives me the opportunity to work with and coordinate similar large-scale events.” 

Remember to send thank you notes or emails within 24 hours of your interview AND to everyone you meet with, not only the hiring manager. 

  1. Keep searching
    While this may be the job you really want, it’s better to not put all your eggs in one basket, even if the interview went well. Continue networking and applying! The job search is a numbers game. Even if the interview went flawlessly, there are many circumstances you can’t control – a strong internal candidate, someone else is a bitter fit or the position is put on hold. It’s better to keep pursuing other opportunities. The job search is an emotional journey. Don’t get too attached to one position and ignore other jobs that may be just as promising and fulfilling.

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