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Five Quick Resume Fixes For Fall

Time to get your resume cleaned up and ready to go!

  1. Save the document with your first and last name. 
    Can you imagine how many resumes recruiters receive named 'resume'? Make it easy for them and guarantee that your resume gets in the hands of the right people, without getting lost. In addition, if you have a two-page resume, add a header with your name on the second page. They may be printing it out, and there's always a chance that pages could become separated.

  2. When possible, save your resume as a PDF.*
    Appearances are everything, and you want to make the right first impression. Saving it as a PDF will preserve the formatting, since you don't know how it will appear to your recipient. Issues can arise based on what email provider someone uses. Better to be sure, than to have your resume appear choppy or not as originally intended.
    *If you’re applying online to a position, you may need to submit your resume saved in Rich Text File (RTF) Format.

  3. Ditch the objective and add a Summary of Qualifications section. 
    This can be 3-5 bullet points or a short paragraph that consolidates your top strengths and skill sets. You can easily tweak this to match the job description.

  4. Use the job description as your guide and test. 
    Take your basic resume as a starting point. Go through the job ad, bullet by bullet, to see if what you have written on your resume matches the employer's desired qualifications and duties. Switch out words to mimic the ad, or use synonyms whenever possible. If there is too big of a mismatch, this may be a clue that the job is not a good fit for you and that you don't have the right background to apply.

  5. Remove your address and add your LinkedIn URL. 
    The exception to this rule is if you're relocating. In that case, add a line mentioning your move and the target date for when you will be at your new location.

** Bonus tip - To keep yourself even more organized, add the name of the company after your name. For example, JoeSmithAcmeCorpResume.pdf. This is especially helpful if you're applying to multiple companies.


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