Keith Haas, President, CRH Americas Products

Keith Haas is the President of CRH Americas Products, a portfolio of businesses that have leading market positions across North America. Keith leads a family of companies with over 17,100 employees and 350 locations.

Keith began his business career at Amoco Chemical Company as a mechanical and project engineer, and he started at CRH in the Americas in 1995 as Assistant Vice President of Business Development. In 1997, Keith was promoted to Director of Business Development for our Distribution business and held that position until 1999. From 1999 to 2000, he was the Midwest Regional Manager for Distribution. In 2001, Keith was named Vice President of Development for Oldcastle Architectural, and the following year he was promoted to President of Oldcastle Architectural's South Region, holding that position through 2005. In 2006, Keith was named President of Oldcastle Retail, and then in 2008 he was promoted to CEO of Oldcastle Architectural. Three years later he was name CEO of Oldcastle Building Products, a position he held for five years.

Keith earned an MBA from Georgia State University and a BME from Georgia Tech.

Randy Lake, President, CRH Americas Materials

Randy Lake is the President of CRH Americas Materials, the largest vertically-integrated construction materials company in the United States. Randy leads a family of companies across 44 states with more than 24,100 employees and 1,300 locations. Americas Materials is the number one producer of asphalt and construction services in the North America.

Randy recently served as CEO of Oldcastle Building Solutions, the business unit he helped launch in 2010 to introduce and position the full range of products and services to strategic developers and design/build firms throughout North America.

Since joining CRH in the Americas in 1996, Randy has held a number of operating positions with increasing responsibility. Beginning in the Architectural Products Group as the General Manager of several block and paving stone manufacturing facilities he progressed to President of our National Retail Division concentrating on expanding the company’s footprint and brand with Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. In early 2002, Randy joined Americas Materials as General Manager of Pennsy Supply in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and progressed into more senior operating and strategic leadership roles over the next eight years, leading to the role of President, CRH Americas Materials - Performance Group concentrating on leveraging and teaching best practice concepts in aggregate production, construction services, and commercial execution throughout the company.

Randy earned an MBA from Marymount University and a BS in Business Administration from Grace College.