Case Studies
Leading national retail chains, like Walmart, rely on us for quality building products. When Walmart chose to open a Supercenter in Louisville, KY, they wanted to achieve the look of traditional brick for the building’s exterior but needed to work within a very aggressive launch schedule. Quik-Brik® offered the greatest design flexibility with a wide range of color options, as well as the ability to meet a fast-approaching deadline. And because we have the largest nationwide presence of any concrete masonry manufacturer, we can provide Quik-Brik® anywhere Walmart and other national retailers build a store.
Case Studies
Faster construction time
Critical color matching
One step installation

Unlike traditional brick, Quik-Brik® is a one piece
structural masonry unit, so it saves time, conserves
materials and provides superior drainage with a
patented water migration design.

Old way
New way
Color consistency and variety

For Walmart's Louisville, KY, store, they chose our
Promenade Blend, which created the classic brick
the architects were trying to achieve.