You’ve probably logged thousands of miles on highways and bridges we’ve built.

Our utility vaults power your homes, and our products can be found across the continent, from residential homes to skyscrapers.

CRH is the leading global diversified building materials group, employing over 78,500 people at more than 3,390 locations in 28 countries.

CRH is the leading building materials company in North America and the world. We manufacture and distribute a diverse range of superior building materials, products, and solutions, which are used extensively in construction projects of all sizes.

Our Story

Our roots are ingrained in the rich history of two entrepreneurial brothers who went into business in 1930s Ireland with nothing more than a sand and gravel pit and a single truck. Our growth has been fueled by the pioneering spirit of our first employees, who forty years later crossed the Atlantic Ocean full of optimism and a commitment to building relationships. They sealed the first deal, acquiring Amcor in 1978, and planted CRH’s first footprint in North America under the name Oldcastle. Today, operating under our parent company name CRH, we are the largest building materials company in North America and we embody the values of the hundreds of entrepreneurs who make up our family of businesses.

CRH co-founder Tom Roche leaning against a truck in 1930s Ireland

Our Values

Our Values guide everything we do. They are the qualities and core expectations that guide how we do business with our colleagues, customers and communities.

people value icon

PEOPLE are our priority

character value icon

CHARACTER is our strength

performance value icon

PERFORMANCE is our commitment

innovation value icon

INNOVATION is our way forward