Inclusion & Diversity

Committed to creating an inclusive culture

We strive to create an inclusive work environment through identifying, developing and leveraging diverse talent across our organization.


Our I&D Vision

We are committed to building an organization where Inclusion & Diversity is a core leadership value, where:

  • Talented people of all backgrounds are welcome and differences are embraced
  • Everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to develop and progress
  • Our working environment supports people in being themselves and performing at their best


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How we define Inclusion at CRH

Inclusion is leveraging the diversity in our workforce to achieve full participation and optimum performance; it empowers differences rather than suppressing them. A culture that makes employees feel they belong – they feel safe, trusted and respected.



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How we define Diversity at CRH

Diversity is “…all the ways in which we are similar and all the ways in which we differ.” When we speak about diversity, we mean people of different backgrounds and people with different characteristics, including: age, disability, ethnicity or race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.


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