We care about what happens in your backyard, because it’s our backyard too.

At CRH we work to provide resilient solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges, focusing on being good neighbours and corporate citizens and taking care of our employees and our communities.

Every year, we host and support hundreds of community events, open houses, and more across North America because our family of businesses have called North America home for decades and building resilient, sustainable communities is good for all of us.

As a leading global producer and supplier of materials and products that quite literally build the foundation of our built environment, we know we have a role to play in supporting sustainable communities.

CRH employees support community events, posing with community members in front of a house

Our Sustainability Priorities

icon-culture-of-safetyEmbedding a
culture of safety

Safety has long been a strategic priority for CRH. Our global network of safety officers works closely with our businesses in implementing policy and best practice across all of our operations.

icon-developing-empowering-our-peopleDeveloping and
empowering our people

We believe that employing people from a broad range of ethnicities, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives creates an inclusive workforce and helps us succeed. We continue to place an emphasis on training and skills learning, as well as developing and recruiting talented leaders.

icon-solutions-for-our-customersCreating solutions
for our customers

Every day, our employees deliver solutions for customers in the residential, non-residential and infrastructure market segments. We work with our customers to create products that deliver specific sustainability and performance goals, solve problems through innovative design, products and processes, and create added value for their businesses.

the environment

Excellence in environmental management, together with a proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate change, is fundamental to our continuous improvement approach. We work with stakeholders, including customers and the wider building materials industry, in promoting energy and resource efficiency, emissions reductions and biodiversity enhancements.

icon-collaborating-engaging-sustainabilityCollaborating and
engaging on sustainability

Business is about people, and at CRH we take an inclusive, collaborative and responsive approach to developing stakeholder relationships. Our businesses are rooted in local communities and whether serving our customers, participating in community initiatives or partnering with each other, we know we can achieve much more when we collaborate with others. 

icon-building-sustainable-businessBuilding a resilient and
sustainable business

We view integrity and good governance as fundamental to long-term business success and we are committed to meeting the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance. We implement our comprehensive Code of Business Conduct (CoBC), which is underpinned by our policies including Anti-Fraud & Anti-Theft, Anti-Bribery and our Competition Code. In addition, we have implemented an Ethical Procurement Code and Supplier Code of Conduct, with the aim of extending our positive influence along the value chain.

Community Spotlight

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a global charity tackling poverty by building and renovating homes for vulnerable families. In 2010, CRH in North America established a national partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help address the need for safe, sustainable and affordable housing in disadvantaged areas across the United States

We sponsor an annual company-wide Habitat for Humanity project which unites employees of all its product groups to build a home for a family. Every other year, we complete a home in Atlanta, where our North American headquarters are located, and we have built homes in several of our larger markets, including Dallas, Paterson, and Salt Lake City. In addition to employees’ hands-on participation, we donate many of our products towards the construction. Support in Georgia, Texas, New Jersey and Utah has included more than $675,000 in home sponsorships and product donations as well as more than 13,000 volunteer hours. We are proud of the eight homes we have built to date.

“Our partnership with Oldcastle [CRH] helps Atlanta Habitat put more affordable housing options within reach of working families. We are honoured to have Oldcastle’s [CRH’s] support for our expanded mission to empower families and revitalize neighborhoods.”
Lisa Y. Gordon, President/CEO of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
CRH employees posing with community members at a Habitat for Humanity project

Wildlife Habitat Council

As a member of Wildlife Habitat Council since 2004, the Americas division of CRH has pledged to establish wildlife habitat sites on their lands to preserve and enhance biodiversity. With 15 conservation programs in the U.S. and Canada, CRH’s Americas division has committed to building successful conservation programs. This is fueled by the dedication and passion of its employees and partners.

Birds flying near a rustic wooden birdhouse