CRH Canada is the Foundation Partner to the Evergreen Brick Works revitalization project, once the site of deteriorating heritage buildings and a depleted quarry, the former Don Valley Brick Works has been transformed into an international showcase of urban sustainability.

Dufferin Foamcrete® was successfully used in the redevelopment of the kiln buildings at Evergreen Brick Works, a global showcase for green design in a former industrial brick-making factory. The 53,000 sq foot kiln retrofit is one of the first in Canada to be carbon neutral. It is a versatile building solution that provides many benefits from thermal and acoustical insulation, easy consolidation and light-weight properties, particularly important in a brownfield redevelopment with historical significance like this.

Dufferin Concrete, a division of CRH Canada, developed Dufferin Foamcrete® – a light-weight, versatile building solution that provides the strength and durability of concrete, but is easy to pump and can be used in tight spaces to fill voids. This product is part of a full range of ready mixed concrete solutions Dufferin Concrete provides to customers in Southern Ontario.