StormCapture® System a Homerun for Atlanta Braves’ New Stadium

Atlanta, Georgia

With all eyes turned to the new home of the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park, teams of engineers and construction crews were hard at work in preparation for opening day in 2017. One of those teams was Oldcastle Infrastructure, which was tapped to create an underground Stormwater detention system at the ballfield.

The space involved includes two distinct sites – East Deck Lower, representing 88,056 cubic feet, and East Deck Upper, representing 96,992 cubic feet. While those sites may seem expansive, the height of cover, compactness of space and need for a 40 percent smaller footprint made other conventional detention systems, such as chamber and metal pipe systems, impractical. On the other hand, a cast-in-place system would have added more than six weeks to the timeline. The Oldcastle team – led by Southeast Territory Manager, Julie Bertils – believed their proprietary StormCapture module system would prove the ideal answer.

Offering up to 1,260 cubic feet of storage per module on this design, StormCapture retains drainage from the site, which is then slowly released into the storm drain system. Utilizing only two inches of leveling sand under each module, the tight fit was only one aspect that made StormCapture the perfect solution for a detention system to both help meet previous conditions of the site and retain water for 24 hours. The East Deck Upper site required placement of 78 modules with six-foot tops and five-foot bottoms, and East Deck Lower site required placement of 65 modules with a 12-foot inside height. Installation of both sites was completed within five days each.