Improving Fan Experience With A New Pedestrian Tunnel at Richmond Raceway

Richmond, Virginia

When the International Speedway Corporation was seeking a pedestrian tunnel for their Richmond Raceway Reimagined project, Oldcastle Infrastructure was called on for innovative solutions. The $30 million infield redevelopment, consisting of modern attractions and amenities that complement the racing experience for which Richmond Raceway is known, required an equally fan-friendly tunnel. The new and improved design of the pedestrian tunnel is wider, providing fans with a more comfortable way to access the updated infield and includes an elevator for added convenience and ADA accessibility.

Recognizing the benefits of precast, the project team selected precast concrete box culvert segments as the best solution to construct the pedestrian tunnel. Oldcastle Infrastructure’s Fredericksburg, VA, location designed, engineered and manufactured the 49 precast concrete box culverts used to create the 415-foot tunnel. Of the box culvert segments produced, three were designed to elevate the walkway upward to get the tunnel back to the concourse level.

To construct the pedestrian tunnel, a portion of the racetrack was removed, the area was excavated, and the foundation was prepared for the installation of the precast concrete box culvert segments. The final assembly of the 10x10 precast box culvert segments is comprised of 6,506 cubic yards of concrete, 220,326 square feet of slab, and 256,000 pounds of rebar. It measures 415 linear feet and weighs 1,100 tons, ensuring fans a secure, modern and easy way to access the infield.